A Message from Trevor Dryer, Co-Founder & CEO:

On behalf of the Mirador team, I’m thrilled to announce that Mirador has been acquired by CUNA Mutual Group, a financially strong insurance, financial technology, and investment company dedicated to helping people achieve financial security. You can read the press release here.

How to keep your small business customers from switching banks

The economy continues to improve, but that doesn’t mean that life is easy for small businesses. Only about a third of all small business owners expect their own financial conditions to improve in the next year, according to a recent Barlow Research report. For most small business owners, the next year is likely to be another year of scrimping and saving and struggling to succeed. And that means they’re going to be looking for any place they can to cut corners and boost their profit margins.

Millennials want these 3 things from their banks

In the previous post, Preparing for the Coming Wave of Millennial Entrepreneurs, we reported many of this country’s future small business owners are members of the 35-and-under crowd. As these millennials become more financially stable and work to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality, they’re going to need access to capital. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to reach out to traditional lenders like banks or credit unions.

Lenders. What are They, and How do They Work

Every American in his life at least once faced a loan. Each borrowed a large or small amount, repaid it on time, or was late in payments. As a result, we Americans know almost everything about loans.

How to Find a Good Lender? Top 5 Signs

The credit market is full of various offers. Each lender promises the best rates, the most extended repayment periods, and other bright prospects. And some of these creditors will keep their promises. And some will write fees for several hundred dollars into the loan agreement and pretend that nothing happened.

Small-Business Owners Are Busy. They Don’t Have Time To Learn To Speak ‘Bank’

A 2018 Federal Reserve survey revealed that about 59% of small banks and 57% of large banks consider borrower relationships to be their most important competitive advantage. However, this roadblock is steering many small-business (SMB) borrowers away from traditional banks and towards alternative lenders, putting invaluable bank-borrower relationships at risk: ‘bank’ speak.  What’s ‘bank’ speak? […]


Big Data: Customers Love it. Now put yours to work.

What does data have to do with customer experience? Let’s just say the relationship is big. In fact, “big data” is helping a growing number of companies create personalized experiences that make it easier and faster for consumers to find what they’re looking for. Think Apple, Netflix or Amazon. For many banks and credits unions, […]


Is It Really the Regulators’ Fault? How to Fix the Bad Big-Bank Experience.

Even with significant resources at their disposal, big banks still struggle to crack the code on optimal customer experience. Why? It’s tough work that requires innovation and creative freedom to test new concepts. And too often regulators are used as an excuse to avoid that work. Although regulators and regulation exist to prevent the kinds […]


The Hudson River Landing: A Borrower’s Story

What started as a routine flight for the 155 people on January 15, 2009, become known as “Miracle on the Hudson” or “the most successful ditching in aviation history,” as one National Transportation Safety Board official would later say. Ten years later, we celebrate the remarkable happening, the resilience of the human spirit and the […]