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Applications made convenientmiradortech

Small business borrowers are busy during bankers' hours. With Mirador, borrowers can start an application on their mobile device, continue work from an office laptop or access the application from a bank branch.

Collaboration made easymiradortech

Mirador’s Lending Hub makes it easy to understand and complete an application. Our dynamic checklist of tasks and communications tools between lender and applicant keeps everything organized and on-track.

Streamline data entrymiradortech

The average small business loan application takes borrowers 30 hours to complete. Our application integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks, deposit accounts, and other key business tools, cutting hours of data entry.

Manage all of your documents here miradortech

The Lending Hub provides a secure, centralized location for uploading and managing documents like tax returns. No more email attachments and searching through “sent” folders.

Mirador makes applying for a loan simpler and faster for borrowers. It also dramatically improves efficiency, communication, and collaboration for lending partners. 


Where Mirador Fits

Omni-Channel ApplicationmiradortechmiradortechPre-qualification and Loan Type DeterminationmiradortechmiradortechFirst GlancemiradortechmiradortechComplete Loan App and Document CollectionmiradortechmiradortechUnderwriting and DecisioningmiradortechmiradortechClosing and FundingmiradortechmiradortechPortfolio Management and Reportingmiradortech


Lots of loan types.

The Mirador Platform manages truly digital loan applications to completion for nearly all small business loan types. We support business credit cards, lines of credit, term loans, SBA microloan, SBA 7a, SBA community advantage, SBA 504, commercial real estate and equipment loans. It's so much more than a simple contact form.

Zero integration required.

Our cloud-based solution is turnkey, requiring little to no IT help. The Mirador API supports partners seeking a more customized

Key data points at a glance.

See information collected during the application process such as credit score and annual revenue in one place. Documents, including tax returns, are digitized. Streamline application reviews with this tool.

Gain visibility into loan flow.

Detailed reports reveal borrower behaviors, loan submit times, and open loans. Loan officers know who is applying for what type of loans and manage workload accordingly.

Improve loan routing and
intra-bank communication.

We make collaboration easy, fast, and effective. Mirador helps route applications inside the financial institution and facilitates communications between institution and applicant and between parties within the financial institution.

Ship to underwriting fast.

Securely download completed application packages for underwriting. No more scanning, creating files and filtering through emails.