The Mirador Platform

Mirador’s digital lending platform powers a new type of relationship between small businesses and lenders.

Omni-channel digital loan application and suite of management tools

Implement a best-in-industry digital lending platform to ‘wow’ your lending team and borrowers. Supports the complete lending process from a fast, efficient loan application process through loan application routing and decisioning, application tracking and business reporting to help manage your lending business.

Meet the varying needs of your business account holders with comprehensive loan type coverage.

The Mirador digital lending platform supports the following business loan types:

•  Line of Credit

•  Term Loans

•  Commercial Real Estate Loans

•  Business Credit Cards

•  Equipment Purchase

•  SBA Microloan, SBA 7a, SBA Community Advantage, SBA 504

Save time with auto-routing via pre-set rules.

Submitted loans can be automatically routed via pre-set rules. Rules can be granular to the branch level, for instance, where a zip code automatically routes the loan to the correct branch.


Expanded collaboration
and borrower engagement

The loan overview section highlights a snapshot of the borrower’s application data and uses the unique Mirador stoplights to power the seamless engagement and collaboration between borrowers and lenders. Lenders can easily request new documents or information and both lenders and borrowers can easily see activity on the loan as it moves through the process.

Increase efficiencies and monitor your loan application queue at a glance

The visual nature of the Mirador Platform gives lenders a transparent and integrated view of their current loan queue. The dashboard cards showcase an overview of the in-process loan applications in an easy, at-a-glance format. Lenders are able to adapt the loan review workflow to existing processes.