Benefits of the Mirador Platform


What they’re saying:

“I would give the experience working with Umpqua and Mirador’s digital small business loan application a 10 out of 10 and plan to work exclusively with both in the future whenever I need a loan.”

David, Umpqua Bank Borrower in Seattle, WA                                                                                                                                                                  

At Mirador, we are passionate about helping businesses grow. The Mirador platform provides a fast,
smart and secure cloud-based experience that turns burdensome paperwork into
a streamlined, efficient process to delight borrowers and lenders.
We work with banks, credit unions and financial institutions across the country.


Among others, we’re proudly powering small business lending for:

Borrower Experience

The Net Promoter Score is used as a proxy for gauging
the customer’s overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service.

Benchmarks:   USAA: 75    |     OnDeck: 73
Apple iPhone: 63     |     Goldman Sachs: 3