We are powering the future of small business lending.

Mirador is the leading front-end small business lending platform supporting established lenders with borrower acquisition, digital application, decisioning and borrower communication.

Mirador leverages a streamlined, delightful user experience to create profitability and efficiencies in the lending process, giving traditional lenders the edge they need to compete.

We have industry leading results.


Applicants experience a simple 10-minute process vs 30+ hours of confusion.


See an estimated 69.3% lender time savings in small business loan management.


Profitably support low dollar loans: See $1550 average cost savings in loan origination


Opened applications have a 59.4% average application completion rate.

Your partner in profitable SMB lending.

Mirador is not a direct lender.

We partner with banks, credit unions, non-profits and specialty finance companies to create more
profitable SMB lending and first-in-class risk management and borrower experience. 

Remaining competitive as a bank in today’s crowded lending marketplace requires more efficiency and
scalable solutions than ever before. Mirador’s innovative technology and perspectives in user
experience continues to enable more profitable and enjoyable lending relationships.

Easily Customizable

Our customizable, white labeled, technology platform  is seamlessly integrated into your institution’s digital experience. Your logo is what the customer sees. Your lending rules are what the system follows. The approval process is faster and borrower/lender relationships are more engaged and profitable.

Powerful Platform

The full digitization of application and documentation data combined with our dynamic API makes Mirador the perfect complement to back-end LOS, underwriting systems, and CRM. All data, while transmitted and at rest, is protected the most sophisticated encryption practices.

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