Mirador’s platform ensures the most engaging, efficient, and profitable small business lending experience.

We deliver a robust customer acquisition network, digital loan application, data digitization, and offer dynamic integration into other bank systems.

Our small business lending platform powers:

What they’re saying:

Through working with Mirador, we reduced loan origination costs by 25-50%, thanks to the streamlined application process and more efficient loan analysis and vastly improved efficiencies on declined loans. Declined applications used to accounted for 30-40% of loan officers’ time. Mirador has reduced this to virtually zero.

Excelsior Growth Fund, a subsidiary of NYBDC

Our innovative small business lending platform is:


Applicants experience a simple 10-minute process vs 30+ hours of confusion.


See an estimated 69.3% lender time savings in small business loan management.


Profitably support low dollar loans: See $1550 average cost savings in loan origination


Opened applications have a 59.4% average application completion rate.

Among others, we’re proudly powering small business lending for:

Borrower Experience

The Net Promoter Score is used as a proxy for gauging
the customer’s overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service.

Benchmarks:   USAA: 75    |     OnDeck: 73
Apple iPhone: 63     |     Goldman Sachs: 3

Net Promoter Score (1)

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The best small business lending experience starts with Mirador.

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