We believe that a modern relationship banking experience
helps small business owners make more
empowered and impactful financial decisions. 

22% of small business loan apps go to alternative lenders

50% small business customers use at least one credit product

$23,000 in revenue per new small business customer

By powering a modern relationship banking experience, we are powering
the future of small business lending, the future of our economy,
and the future of our communities.

Meet Our Team

William Beaver

Co-Founder & CTO

Emily Beebe

Head of People Ops

Mike Camacho

Head of Product

Julie Crawford


Trevor Dryer

Co-Founder & CEO, Director

Carol Glover

Chief Revenue Officer

Stanley Ho

Head of Customer Support

Chris Kearney

Head of Engineering

Board of Directors

Kathleen Utecht

Managing Partner at Core Innovation Capital

Claire Huang

Former CMO JP Morgan Chase

Bruce Weinstein

President and CEO at Genesis Financial Solutions

Our Investors

We’re Hiring

We’re building a company where big thinkers understand small business,
and know that social awareness can awaken financial success.

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