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“There are many advantages to working with a team like Mirador’s, but the most important one is that they listen and respond to our needs as an organization, which has given us a voice to recommend enhancements to the platform. We’ve seen those enhancements move from concept to reality, and these platform updates will help increase our efficiency in many ways. Mirador has taken the right approach to create a true win-win partnership, and we look forward to launching TruFund’s
online lending platform, thanks to their support.”

James H. Bason, President & CEO, TruFund Financial Services, Inc.


Enhanced user interface to track loan activity

We’ve made the Mirador platform more visual, giving lenders a transparent, integrated view of their current loan queue.

•  Dashboard cards showcase overview of loan application for at-a-glance loan queue review

•  Lenders are easily able to adapt loan review workflow to existing processes

Visibility & transparency in loan activity

We’ve replaced our event timeline with a tool that shows significantly more detail and creates more visibility and transparency for both the borrower and the lender.

  Easily explore changes and updates to the loan application

•  Both borrower and lender can quickly see what activity has happened on the application

Expanded collaboration & borrower engagement

The loan overview now highlights a snapshot of the borrower’s application data. By moving the Mirador Stoplights to the same page as the borrower risk profile, we’ve created an easily viewed communication structure that supports lenders seamlessly engaging and collaborating with borrowers.

• Easily request new documents or information from borrowers

• Both lenders and borrowers can easily see activity on the loan

• Enhanced communication flows create a collaborative application & review process

Actionable insights for at-a-glance program review

We’ve released 15 new reports that give financial institutions a more detailed view into their borrower and loan management process.

• Data available in reports includes submit time, loan activity, credit spreads, and open/submitted loans

• Easily explore and review borrower activity and interaction with the digital loan application

• Understand loan product popularity for increased marketing effectiveness