The Mirador Platform

Mirador’s leading digital lending platform powers a new type of relationship between small businesses and lenders,
enabling banks to decision loans in 24 hours or less. 

Our next-generation digital lending experience is:








An omnichannel, digital solution

Implement a single, best-in-class solution to support customer acquisition, digital loan application and data gathering and digitization.

•  Modern, digital application process

•  Customizable white label solution to support your branding requirements

•  Source new borrowers from our partners & seamlessly refer declines

An efficient, dynamic experience

Leverage a seamless applicant/lender experience to minimize the application time, communication confusion and delays from missing documentation.

•  Dynamic loan product routing based on configurable credit parameters

•  Request additional documentation or clarification easily within the application

•  Document and data digitization for 30+ configurable credit parameters

An engaging, delightful platform

Facilitate engagement and profitability without sacrificing a delightful user experience, creating loyalty and stickiness in an increasingly competitive market.

•  Fully supports any small business loan product, including SBA,
CRE and line of credit

•  Intelligent Product Routing (IPR) dynamically routes applicants to
best-fit loan product

•  Automatically manage outbound borrower support communication

A profitable, winning decision

With a streamlined implementation and many integration options, you can conveniently upgrade from confusing, costly systems to streamlined, profitable technology.

•  Average implementation timeline is less than 45 days

•  Impactful support services empower lenders and applicants to submit fully completed applications

•  Integrative into backend, core, CRM and other trusted service providers

Ready to learn more?

Have one of our small business lending platform experts reach out to you with more information about our industry leading technology.

What they’re saying:

Through working with Mirador, we reduced loan origination costs by 25-50%, thanks to the streamlined application process and more efficient loan analysis and vastly improved efficiencies on declined loans. Declined applications used to accounted for 30-40% of loan officers’ time. Mirador has reduced this to virtually zero.

Excelsior Growth Fund, a subsidiary of NYBDC