Now lenders who offer commercial real estate loan products can seamlessly support applicants using their existing Mirador implementation. Like with existing loan routing,  Mirador’s Match API will automatically trigger the digital commercial real estate application flow when an applicant selects the “buy or refinance real estate” loan purpose in the initial qualification screen. The functionality is mapped to the lender initiated application as well, further encouraging an engaged, delightful small business lending experience regardless of the initial entry point.

Within the digital commercial real estate application flow, we have created a dynamic loan calculator, further clarifying and simplifying a complex application process. This calculator will help applicants better understand the total amount of funds needed for their commercial real estate project, allowing the applicant to update or edit the inputs as needed while getting feedback in real time. Further, it supports the lender’s role as an advisor and partner in the applicant’s experience, cementing a positive, engaged, modern banking relationship.

Other features of the digital application flow include support for more than 15 types of commercial real estate lending needs. The commercial real estate flow is built within the existing digital application flow, ensuring that the full Mirador experience is seamless and efficient for the borrower and lender – and that all data and documentation are stored together for maximum ease in processes and reviewing the application.


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